Rurik bags 3 back to back Nationals titles in Tennis Australia

Rurik is normally the only person whom I dont write about for obvious reasons(yes he is my son for folks who dont know), He is Basically a shy person exactly like me which is why I dont like to write about my own son, but on the flipside he is also from our stables called Tams.

Chapter 1 :

Rurik won three back to back titles in the nationals of Tennis Australia, He won 17 matches in a row, 6-5-6 in three tournaments. The last tournament was unbelievable with our flight at 1pm, he had his semis at 8.30 am. The wind was so heavy in Hume that it took them almost 2 hours finish the match. Kale, the tournament referee was so understanding, he put Ruru’s match with just 10 mins break. Starting at 10;45am and just 45 mins left out to be at the airport. Ruru was swift in the finals, finished it in 45 mins and we literally ran all the way( thank God that hume is just 15 mins away from Tullamarine airport), we just made it in time to catch the flight out of Australia. This was Sunday, for he had a Asian Juniors match on monday at 11 am. We land in Singapore, wait for 5 hours and land in ChennaiĀ  on Monday morning at 12.30 am. Six hours to go before we the board the flight to Colombo. He is always cool and casual which amuses me. He had a gala time in Chennai, playing the fool with his mom the whole night without sleeping a wink.

We land in Colombo to be only welcomed by a huge traffic jam due to the ongoing election rally. Walks on court and beats the first round guy 0 & 0. His 20 match winning streak was ended by his best friend and hitting partner Vaibhav in the Semifinals of the U 14 Asian Juniors in Colombo. Commendable effort considering the fact he played tournaments non stop for 18 days in a row, traveledĀ  to 5 cities for tournaments and moved across 4 countries as well.

Chapter 2:

For all the Parents and Players Notice :;

Rurik started the year with a ranking of India No.17 in Jan 2019, the only time he has ever looked me in the eye and asked, whether I will help him to reach the top 10 in the country. I said YES, but on one condition that he plays internationally in the second half of the year( He hates playing abroad coz he thinks it ruins his AITA Ranking). He agreed and we had a deal. By the end of May he was India No.5. We honoured our promises and went into training for 3 months without playing any tournaments nationally or Internationally. He played one U 14 NS in mysore before leaving to Australia, here we are at November, he is still ranked India No.9 and it will go down to India No.6/7 right after his Aurangabad U 14 Nationals.

Moral :: Six Months 2 tournaments and still has managed to stay in the top 10 for 10 months. Smart plan and hard work can do wonders if you know how to work it out..

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