TAMS CS7 U 14 & 16 – 23 DEC 2019

Welcome to our next edition of Tams tournaments

Request to all participating players and their parents:  Thanks for all support for sponsoring generously for the tournament, if you have forgone the Daily Allowance (DA), pls inform your kids and the referee as well, so we will be glad to add all your names as sponsor as well.

We are happy to announce that we will soon be conducting a Asian Juniors Tournament(ATF) on JAN 13 2020, so all the support in these next 3 events will go towards the ATF event and the smooth running of these CS7 events. Kindly help us to bring more such event by donating a wee bit or forgoing the DA which will go towards sponsorship for the functioning of Good Tennis Events in Karnataka.


Pls Note : Check the website before leaving for the tournament for any rain delays. If any the same will be posted here.

Pls Note : Going forward, pls contact Mr.Ganesh at 9886712075 or 6366610444 (incase Ganesh is not reachable)

Pls note the below before checking the draws

That there are 2 singles matches in the same category for a few kids, this is only way we can save your time and money and make it simple to run a tournament but at any point if you dont want play two matches, pls keep us posted a day prior itself.

Draw size is small, so if we plan smartly we can finish the tournament faster and everyone can go back to school or training or for a holiday during the festive season

If by any chance the timings overlap, don’t worry enough break will be given. Just inform Ganesh Sir about the same and he will be happy to oblige


Have fun.. Happy holidays. Merry X Mas and Happy New Year.  See you guys in 2020

Lastly, Pls do support us in this tournament coz this is a low turn out tournament.

Here are the Main draws for trow 26-12-19







Boys 16






Girls 14






Girls 16






Boys Doubles 16

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