Tams – Tennis And More Sporting is a comprehensive academy, which caters to all kinds of Tennis Enthusiasts starting from the beginners to the advanced level national Ranking Players. Ours academy has players from all cross sections ranging from a 4 year old to a 70 year old. India being a global village we need not tell you that we have students from all around the globe.

We are a chain of 5 Tennis Academies in Bangalore situated all over Bangalore and we also have an academy in Tamil Nadu.

We provide 360 degrees of training when it comes to Tennis, which helps us to produce quality coaching and also results in producing lot of National ranking kids who train in our academy.

We strongly believe in the philosophy that the kids should run to school and walk back home as against the normal trend of walking to school and running back home.

We don’t take our students on a wild goose chase, we explain why he/she has to follow what is told and this quality in our coaches makes it easier for a faster progress

We have adequate no. of certified and trained pro’s teaching our kids.

All our International and National ranking Kids are sponsored by various organizations

We follow Tennis Book style of coaching which is the world-wide methodology of teaching Tennis

Email:    tennis.at.tams@gmail.com
Mobile Number:    +91 9886712075
Other:    +91 9886311077
Google Talk:    tennis.at.tams
Website:    http://www.tams.in