Why Tennis ?

Why Tennis ?

Tennis is a great option for your child


It is a sport that develops all the most important motor and coordinative skills from an early age. It requires and develops agility, speed and endurance.

All of these skills will benefit your child’s long-term health and performance in all sports.


Tennis is a technically demanding sport. To improve, a child has to be able to concentrate well and apply themselves to the many challenges that the game brings.

As an individual sport, tennis requires and develops confidence and the ability to cope with and perform under pressure. You have to be able to bounce back from disappointments, cope with success and, occasionally, failure.

The fantastic news for parents is that research has shown that children who develop these skills through sport can transfer them into other areas of their lives.


Tennis clubs will provide your child with a place where they can go and be independent, meet friends and play sport.

Tennis truly is a sport for life. Tennis players compete right through their lives into a thriving veterans’ tennis circuit. Many sportsmen and women experience a ‘health backlash’ when they are forced to give up their chosen sport in their late 20s or early 30s.

Tennis will provide your child with a way of meeting new friends whenever they move to a new area. Whether it is moving to university or to a new job, the local tennis club will always provide great social opportunities.

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