Parents FAQ

1. Why A summer program??

I know I have been asked this question a billion times this week…

Let me put it this way… If you had asked your child to walk alternate days only right from the first day He/She started walking , do you think they would be running by age 4, I dont think so, If your child had to go to school thrice a week would you think He/She would be topping his/her class full of regulars, I dont think so

So choosing a higher program(5/6 days a week at a mature period is a must, pls understand I said mature period not any particular age)

2. Now how do we reach the mature period??

I would say that would at a point when the kids are mentally strong, motivated, has fun on court and is at a decent serving & playing level.

3. How do we reach that point??

There are no shortcuts to that point…. (Thats sad, I know we all love shortcuts!!).
There is a saying in Tennis ::: A Million balls decide whether he/she is a champion or not.. I would say a million quality balls would decide that not just any hits.. Now this is to turn pro, we are talking about the maturity point, at around age 7-11.. If we have to spend 36 hours at one level with a 3 day/week program we can do better by cutting it short to 24 hours by doing a 5 day/week program. Now lets look at this comparison

Method 1 : 36hrs with a 3 day/week 1 hr everyday  (12 weeks to cross a level)
Method 2 : 24hrs with a 5 day/week 1 hr everyday  (5 weeks to cross a level)
Method 3 : 15hrs with a 5 day/week 2 hrs everyday (1.5 weeks to cross a level)

It should be pretty evident that we cross all levels pretty fast by this method 3.

4. But what about cost, instant question that pops up right??

Lets say every hour cost Rs.1, That means by method 1, it costs Rs.36, method 2 costs Rs.24 and method 3 costs Rs.15. Sounds good.. Method 3 saves us time and money and also builds the confidence within the child that anything with hard work is possible..

5. Ok Great!!! Can my child be part of this Method 3??

Yes but with a few criteria’s. Like
>> Should be of age atleast 7yrs
>> Should have put in some amount of hours (should not be a beginner)
>> Should have a fair amount of hand-eye co-ordination, athletic ability, understanding capability, motivation and above all motivated & supportive parents..


6. Ok God D*$n Rajini, why summer program?? You never answered that??


As all would be knowing (if you don’t, common folks I send a million updates for your info) our summer program is a 2 hrs per day event apart from the regular program. If you choose to put your kid in a 45 day program they do 90 hrs of Tennis apart from the 18hrs of regular program (calculating at 3 hrs/week), that means 108 hrs in 45 days which is equivalent to 9 months of Tennis(calculating at 3 hrs/week) by plain calculation but technically it is equivalent to a years progress, so why spend and wait for a year when you can save money and time and do it in 45 days.. Think about it.. Now that’s a smart choice..


7. But Rajini, I don’t know whether my kid will survive a 2 hr program every day??


Even though it sounds harsh, I would say they better do!!! Don’t we love to see Federer & Nadal play a 5hr match, when we love seeing somebody else do it why not our own kids at some point.. At some point they have to expand their stamina level, the best time is the summer coz they don’t have school or homework or commitments, we can push them harder during summer and take it forward after school reopens.


8. All said and Done Rajini, am still thinking!!!


Talk to me, I will answer every single question that you have.. Coz I never give up.. I will never give up on your child’s dream run, whether they are turning pro or not, I will give them something that they will cherish for this life time, if not them they will make their kids a pro and in all probability they will come after me or you will come after me with your grand child..

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