Why Tennis for your Employees?


It is a sport that develops all the most important motor and coordinative skills. It is a 360 degree sport which means that you should have a good upper body, lower body and coordination. Upper body coz you hit the ball using your arms, produce power with twisting your abs and shoulders( like a Cricket Batsman or a basket ball player). Lower body coz your need to run, sprint, shuffle, side step and jump( like a football player). Good hand-eye coordination (don’t be hassled if your wear Glasses, if you can see a Tennis ball from 50ft then it is a good to go). It requires and develops agility, speed and endurance.

All of these skills will benefit your long-term health and performance in all sports.


Tennis is a technically demanding sport. To improve, one has to concentrate well and apply themselves to the many challenges that the game brings.
A sound mind like a chess player coz Tennis is a dynamic sport coz there is no pause once the point is on, so you need to strategise the whole point.
As an individual sport, tennis requires and develops confidence and the ability to cope with and perform under pressure. You have to be able to bounce back from disappointments, cope with success and, occasionally, failure.
The fantastic news is that research has shown that one who develops these skills through sports can transfer them into other areas of their lives.


Tennis clubs will provide your employs with a place where they can go and be independent, meet friends and play sport.

Tennis truly is a sport for life. Tennis players compete right through their lives into a thriving veterans’ tennis circuit. Many sportsmen and women experience a ‘health backlash’ when they are forced to give up their chosen sport in their late 20s or early 30s.

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