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Tennis Rules and Regulation

1. All State and national holidays will be holidays for the Tennis Coaching as well. This will be announced in the class. Incase of doubt, You can call the coach at 98863-11077 to confirm about the classes

2. Incase of Rain or natural cause if a tennis class is cancelled, there will be a make up class,please call the coach to confirm the dates when he/she can do the make up.

3. Incase of Continuous rain, as many make ups as possible will be given.

4. Incase of miscellaneous absenteeism coz of personal reasons there will be no make up. We follow a pre-defined size for every batch and we would like to stick to it. The otherwise results in loss of quality, which we do not want to compromise.

5. Incase of a long travel, the parent has the choice to either pay the fees for the period to retain the spot or can opt to go into the waiting list and get their spot back in due course.

6. The designated coach will be there on all days except one weekend where he will be substituted by another coach of the same caliber

7. The tennis fees has to be paid before the 7th of every month or the subsequent date of joining, so that the account Maintenance becomes easier for the academy as well as the clubhouse

8. Parents have to co-operate with getting their wards good Tennis gear to suit their needs

9. Inadequate gear will result in loss of interest or their good progress or the good game

10. If a student wishes to quit Tennis coaching, kindly call up to inform about the same and the reason why he/she is quitting, Preferably to Coach Rajini.

11. We would be more than obliged to speak to the kid to motivate him/her back into tennis incase they are quitting.

12. If there is any issues that is to be raised, please inform the coach at once so that it can be sorted out at once, the staff and the coach will take corrective action to ensure the smooth functioning of the Tennis coaching

13. Discipline of the students will be our primary focus, it will never be compromised

14. Tennis is a gentleman’s sport, so being sportive on and off the tennis is a must for the students. Our academies primary goal to is bring out this sportive nature of the students and to teach them Tennis, which they can enjoy for a lifetime.

15. The Primary goal when we see a Beginner is to teach them how to have fun with a Tennis ball and a Tennis Racket

16. If the primary goal is surpassed, the kids will be put on an advanced track once the talent and the willingness to excel in the sport is found in them.

17. A Report Card will be issued for on a quarterly basis when a parent – teacher meeting is held. Dates for the same will announced a week before.

18. Lastly, Please follow the rules strictly, so that we can help you and your kids better

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